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Knowledge Base Change Log

Overview HIDE

The following details changes and updates that occurred between different FlashTrack releases. Our purpose here is to inform you of the inclusion of new features, changes in functionality to old features, as well as bug fixes.

FlashTrack v3.5 | Algonquin Release 2 Q3 2017 HIDE

    • Our changes are as follows...
      • Created fullscreen mode and added toolbox toggle shortcut key.
      • Search window's location is now preserved by default when reopened.
      • Added application wide search settings to improve search window toggle button user experience.
      • Moved application wide snapshot settings miscellaneous section into their own section.
      • Project Validation now has a shortcut key.
      • Updated system requirements within documentation.
      • Added European Union Cookie Law popup to SendReports.
      • Other minor fixes and improvements.

FlashTrack v3.5 | Algonquin Release 1 Q4 2016 HIDE

    • Our changes are as follows...
      • Attribute nomenclature changes.
      • Improved search feature to work across multiple workspaces.
      • Opened backups are now locked and require to be saved elsewhere prior to use.
      • Added snapshot count to Project Info dialogue and attribute windows.
      • Turned on full SSL support when uploading workbooks from FlashTrack to SendReports.
      • Added SendReports tutorial videos to FlashTrack.
      • Minor SendReports user account UI and usability enhancements.
      • Other minor fixes and improvements.

FlashTrack v3.5 | Mississauga Release Q1 2016 HIDE

    • Our changes are as follows...
      • FlashTrack SendReports cloud app is no longer in preview.
      • SendReports can now delete workbooks and workspaces.
      • SendReports no longer displays empty spreadsheet data tables.
      • Rewrote upload algorithm and user interface to support larger uploads.
      • Designed Office 2016 style themes.
      • Created a standalone Project Validation mechanism that can be run at any time.
      • Context menus can now be enlarged when using touchscreen tablet devices.
      • Other minor fixes and improvements.

FlashTrack v3.5 | Ojibwa Release Q1 2015 HIDE

    • Our changes are as follows...
      • Released the FlashTrack SendReports cloud app.
      • Created automated FlashTrack Converter for processing uploaded projects and extracting reports, one-lines and spreadsheets.
      • File upload validation check is less annoying.
      • Offline and online end-user documentation.
      • Improved search features.
      • Improved UI layout experience on Windows 7 when non-standard DPI is used. (Warning message is supplied.)
      • Fixed product activation defects.
      • Other minor fixes and improvements.

FlashTrack v3.4 | Ottawa Release Q3 2014 HIDE

    • Our changes are as follows...
      • New attributes such as an AIC Rating have been added to certain electrical icons.
      • The product now includes locale and unit system settings geared towards the Canadian market.
      • Product activation now prompts the user whether they wish to activate, when the activation grace period has reached seven days or less.
      • Other minor fixes and improvements.