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Knowledge Base Offline Download

FlashTrack™ Documentation

Each install of FlashTrack™ comes with its own copy of the FlashTrack offline documentation. The content is for the most part identical to the knowledge base portion of this website. Albeit some of the content is laid out somewhat differantly.

The FlashTrack™ documentation comes in the Microsoft Compiled HMTL Help (CHM) file format. Once downloaded, double click the CHM file to open it in the help viewer. This file can be opened and viewed on any Windows based PC.

We have additionally converted the CHM file to the Adobe PDF format for your convenience. You can use this version to access the documetation on non Windows based devices that have a PDF viewer installed.

FlashTrack at NECA 2015
Note: Depending on your PC's security settings, the CHM documentation file may open up with blank pages and not render the help file's content. If this is occurs, you must unblock the CHM documentation file first! You can do so by right clicking on the "FlashTrack Documentation.chm" file you downloaded within Windows Explorer and then selecting the Properties option within the context menu. This will open the CHM's file properties window; click the Unblock radio button at the bottom of the Properties window and click Ok.

Get the original CHM version.

Get the converted PDF version.