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Knowledge Base Privacy & Activation

Privacy Policy HIDE

FlashTrack collects certain information about you and your PC or device. This information is used to identify you when you Send To FlashTrack as well as being used to help us better understand how you use FlashTrack and on what sorts of devices FlashTrack is being used.

Send To FlashTrack collects the following information:
  • Project name
  • Names of data collector and collection company
  • Street address, city, state and zip
  • Data collector’s phone number
  • Data collector’s email address
  • Contact person with facility
  • Facility’s Street address, city, state and zip
  • Facility contact person’s phone number
  • Facility contact person’s email address

The FlashTrack Feedback tool collects the following information when you either send feedback or activate FlashTrack:
  • Sender’s name or username
  • Sender’s company name or computer name (with domain name when applicable)
  • Sender’s phone number (when applicable)
  • Sender’s email address (when applicable)
  • The operating system (OS)
  • Service Pack (when applicable)
  • Sender’s web browser
  • Web browser version
  • Sender’s IP address
  • Application name (e.g. FlashTrack)
  • Application version
  • Application URL (when applicable)
  • Sender’s product key (when applicable)
  • Defect description (when applicable)
  • Steps to reproduce the defect (when applicable)
  • Screenshot (when applicable)
  • Attachment (when applicable)

Note: Screenshots are only sent when you click the Send button on the FlashTrack Feedback tool and the checkbox to attach the screenshot is checked. Screenshots of the user’s PC or device are not transmitted during activation.

Product Activation & DRM HIDE

FlashTrack uses online product activation and requires a key to install and access it. You are only permitted to activate FlashTrack if you were explicitly given a key from the FlashTrack team. Not all users are provided with the same number of keys. You are responsible for the use and management of any keys assigned to you.

Each time you create a new FlashTrack Workbook, your product key is inserted into the Workspace file. You are only permitted to open up Workbooks that match your FlashTrack license. This means that attempting to open Workbooks created using a key that differs from yours will fail. You may not resell, share, assign, or otherwise transfer your keys. Key activation is monitored by the FlashTrack team and we have the right to suspend your license should suspicious activity occur.

FlashTrack gives you a 30 day grace period before the application attempts to contact the activation server to make sure your license is still valid. You are given 5 activation attempts. This allows you to continue working even if FlashTrack cannot be activated after the 30 day grace period. FlashTrack will however deactivate after all of your activation attempts have been burned out and you were not able to activate during this time.

Attempting to perform large amounts of reactivations within a short period of time may constitute as suspicious activity. If you are still unable to activate after a set of consecutive activation attempts then a cooling off period of 5 hours may be necessary.

The FlashTrack team may deactivate or otherwise limit your keys when your license expires. Deactivated keys will not be able to activate FlashTrack.

You are responsible for checking whether your copy of FlashTrack needs to be activated prior to going out into the field to perform data collection. If your PC or device is for some reason unable to connect to the Internet to perform online product activation then you can file an offline activation request to the FlashTrack team and we will send you an offline activation file that matches the license on the particular PC or device in question.