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Knowledge Base Shortcuts

The following is a list of all keyboard shortcuts that are used within FlashTrack, a Windows based application developed by Facility Results. Although some shortcuts may work in previous versions, this list was compiled based on v3.5 and will work on all subsequent versions where the corresponding features are available. A concise listing of mouse events has also been provided.

File Shortcuts HIDE

Shortcut Description
CTRL + N Create New Workbook
CTRL + O Open Existing Workbook
CTRL + S Save Current Workbook

Edit Shortcuts HIDE

Shortcut Description
DEL Delete an Item
CTRL + Z Undo an Action
CTRL + Y Redo an Action
CTRL + X Cut an Item
CTRL + C Copy an Item
CTRL + V Paste an Item
CTRL + T Select all Itms

Editor State Shortcuts HIDE

Shortcut Description
CTRL + R Resize Mouse
CTRL + D Default Mouse
CTRL + L Lock in Place

Window Shortcuts HIDE

Shortcut Description
F1 Launch Offline Help
F3 Open Find Window
F7 Validate Project
F9 Toggle TextBox Visibility
F10 Show Settings Screen
F11 Toggle Fullscreen Mode
F12 Show Shortcuts Screen
CTRL + F Open Search Window
CTRL + P Open Project Info Window
CTRL + Q Open WebCam Snapshot Window
CTRL + W Open Snapshot Manager Window

Panning Shortcuts HIDE

Shortcut Description
LEFT KEY Pan Left Quickly
RIGHT KEY Pan Right Quickly
UP KEY Pan Up Quickly
DOWN KEY Pan Down Quickly
SHIFT + LEFT KEY Pan Left Slowly
SHIFT + RIGHT KEY Pan Right Slowly
SHIFT + UP KEY Pan Up Slowly
SHIFT + DOWN KEY Pan Down Slowly

Favorites Shortcuts HIDE

Shortcut Description
CTRL + A Add Selection to Favorites
CTRL + E Remove all Favorites

Zoom Shortcuts HIDE

Shortcut Description
CTRL + PLUS Increase Zoom
CTRL + EQUALS Increase Zoom
CTRL + MINUS Decrease Zoom
CTRL + 0 Set Zoom to 100%

Mouse Events HIDE

Shortcut Description
Double Click any ToolBox Icon Spawns an Item on Drawing Board
Double Click any Item on Drawing Board Brings up Attributes Window that Corresponds to Item
Right Click on Drawing Board Brings up Context Menu